With a camera on every device and thousands of photos on our computers we assume we’re capturing every single moment of our busy lives. But do we take the time to stop, celebrate, and properly photograph milestones?  We sat down with Viva founder Vittorio Natoli to discuss the value of portrait photography and why it is more important now than ever.

What drew you to portrait photography?

Portrait photography is about expressing people’s lives, values and self-esteem. Essentially, what drew me to it was the ability to be able to tell stories about people that were meaningful to them and gave an insight into their life. It allowed me to create a lasting memory of an important point in their life.

What is the value of portrait photography in today’s world?

It’s priceless! We are leading very busy lives in a fast paced world. Portrait photography allows us to slow down, stop, celebrate, and properly value a moment in time. I would compare it to watching your first born take their first steps, watching your daughter walk down the aisle, or watching your children bond as they play. These moments may be valuable, but they can so easily be missed. This experience allows you to stop and properly value the milestone or moment.

In this day and age where we’re taking millions of photos with our phones and other devices we think that we’re well and truly covered, but when I look for the images I can’t find them. I can’t find which device they are on, I can’t find where they are downloaded, I can’t find them even when I look at Facebook. The difference between everyday images and studio photography is that we’ve made the effort to make it an important event. They are special because we’ve ensured this moment is photographed correctly, printed, framed, and easily accessible. These are the standout images that are used over and over in life. They are loved and valued for years to come.

The value of portrait photography is huge. The value sits with the participants, and with the people viewing the photographs. Photographs become more and more valuable as our life journey progresses and as we understand more about what our life is and how quickly it passes by. These images become so powerful given the fact that we’ve grown as people, as individuals and on our life journey. This is why it’s so important to value moments in time, to believe they’re valuable, and to take the time to photograph them properly so those images are there in the future.

“The difference between everyday images and studio photography is that we’ve made the effort to make it an important event.”

What can people expect from a Viva experience?

The Viva experience is not just about the photo session, it’s about the people and the stories that the images tell. It is about celebrating important, valuable moments in your life.

I remember several of our customers being interviewed and saying that what made the difference between a Viva portrait and the thousands of wonderful photos they had taken themselves was that this photoshoot was deliberate. They went out of their way to come together to celebrate this milestone. They got dressed up, they looked forward to it, and they had a professional execute it for them. They then stopped and deliberated about the process. They chose a picture or pictures that they felt encapsulated that and then they went to the trouble of ordering those images and framing them. They came together for a reason to celebrate something that was valuable and left with images that they will love for years to come.

Professional photography is about validating yourself and the people that you love. It’s about creating history for yourself, your partner, your lover, your children, and future generations. The value goes on and on. It’s the gift that keeps giving. I look at an image that I took of my family that I took 30 years ago, and it easily brings me back to that moment because it’s still as good now as it was on the day I took it. It’s still valuable, it still hangs on my wall, and it still gives me great pleasure. Your memories may fade over time, but special images draw you straight back to that time and place.

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