The Armadale team has a spacious, modern and fully equipped studio to ensure your experience is one to remember.

Viva Armadale is located in the City of Armadale less than an hour from Perth. Armadale encompasses the hills and valleys of the Darling Range and includes the charming townships of Kelmscott, Roleystone, Bedfordale and Forrestdale, each with their own identity and character. Armadale has a spacious, modern and fully equipped studio to ensure your experience is one to remember. The Armadale studio offers a range of portrait photography including Family PhotographyPet PhotographyCouple PhotographyPregnancy PhotographyChildren PhotographyNude PhotographyGlamour Photography and Solo Male Photography.

Meet the Armadale team


Hi, I’m Courtney the Studio Manager at Viva Armadale. When I’m not in the studio, you will find me at the beach or roaming the aisles at Kmart! I also love to hang out with my fur babies! Photography is and always has been a huge part of my life. My Granddad was a photographer and I’ve always looked up to him and his passion for life through the lens. I think capturing memories throughout life’s up and downs is the best way to remember where we came from and where we are now. I love photographing newborns in their first few weeks of life, capturing their little hands and feet. A close second would be the younger children who come and visit us at the studio! The wild imaginations and honest expression make for such a fun shoot.


Hi, I’m Nicola – Viva Master Photographer and creative designer at Viva Armadale since 2009. I have been in the photography industry since 2003 and love working with people from all walks of life. When I’m not photographing you can usually find me enjoying the simple like that Perth has to offer with my gorgeous family and beloved German Shepherd. I enjoy team sports, hiking in the hills, swimming in the ocean and some down time with yoga. Born in London, England and from a very large loving family I truly appreciate what it means to have good relationships in life, whether that be with loved ones, families, children, pets or more importantly yourself. Originally photography to me was all about being artistically creative, I studied Art and Design in college and always wanted to express myself through visual arts. I then found my passion for photography. With more life experience I am finding now that photography is less about expressing my creativeness but more about showcasing people and the special relationships they have. My favourite kind of photoshoot is when I can help individuals overcome some inner demons they may have and help them fall back in love with themselves. Helping them see the true beauty that lies beneath! In this fast paced, crazy world we live in today we can all lose a little bit of who we truly are so it’s really satisfying to see men/women overcome some inhibitions they may have. I also love to work with body shapes, and creative lighting to generate more artistic glamour portraits focusing on natural beauty. I look forward to seeing you, your beautiful family or your fur babies in the studio soon!


Hi, I’m Linda a Viva Master Photographer and Design Consultant. I love Yoga and meditation, healthy living and being in nature. I love to travel, photograph and meet new people but most important of all I love spending time with my Family (including my fur and feather babies). I have always loved the human condition and the psychology of photography. My photos almost always include a human or animal element. I love that I help people reflect on important relationships and celebrate these. When someone is really touched by a photograph I’ve taken, I know I’ve done well and I’m deeply satisfied. Photography is also a personal journey. Other people’s lives and their situations also impact on me and my own values.  It is truly a learning experience. I love solo and couples glamour shoots. These shoots really pare it down, whether it is a single person celebrating their relationship with themselves or a couple celebrating their relationship with their significant other. For me, glamour shoots can be the most creative. You delve just a little deeper.  They are more intimate and sometimes more confronting.  It takes a little more courage from the participant (and sometimes the photographer) than a family shoot but the results can be amazing. I love being part of the clients’ journey.  I am particularly satisfied when they love the images that I have produced. or designed.  I love that they can take them home and that those images are now on their own journey to become heirloom pieces that the generations will enjoy over and over again accumulating new layers of meaning to the family.


Hi, I’m Sarah, a Viva photographer. I first got into photography through the joy I found in landscape photography. One day I took my sister and nephew to the beach to capture the sunset and instead I ended up turning my lens towards a more interesting subject- them! To my surprise their shy and reserved personalities were unveiled and I captured images that revealed a special essence of their personalities. In that moment I fell in love with the process of taking portraits of people and capturing relationships through stunning images. For me, photography is about helping people to see themselves in a different light. I think too often we see ourselves in ways that are unkind or a little too picky. At the end of the day, that is probably not what others see when they look at you- they see the love of their life, or their wonderful mum, their beautiful kids, fun family or really cool friend, etc. My absolute passion is to see people remember to love themselves well and I use photography as a pathway to that end goal. I am also passionate about mental health, studying a Masters in Counselling Practice when I’m not in the studio. For me, celebrating people’s stories is what its all about. I still do bits of landscape photography here and there, and I also love a bit of street art too. In my off time, I’m an enthusiastic home chef (top Jamie Oliver fan right here) and love to travel. Ask me about the time I hitchhiked across the Nullarbor with my mum when I was 12, or about the time I swam with a tiger shark at Ningaloo.

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