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Solonge and Phil’s Wedding at St Marys Cathedral

Saturday, 7 April 2012
Solonge and Phil’s Wedding at St Marys Cathedral

Here is a sneak peek of photos from Phil and Solonge’s wedding on March 31st 2012. I love the first shot of Phil, his Father and two brothers all together in the mirror – A day of reflection. Check out the little mirrors, they have reflected little details of Phil such as his tie and hair.The next photo of Solonge and her Father was such a beautiful moment. From this moment to walking her down the aisle and onto his speech, Solonge’s father was a very proud man.We were on the hunt for amazing light and found it in Kings St, Perth. In the photo of Solonge in front of Louis Vuitton, a window is reflecting a strong light giving a theatrical feel (no artificial light here).

The boys asked me all day to photograph them with their sunglasses on. I thought this was a pretty cool shot of Phil in a reflection of his sunglasses. Something to remember when photographing a reflection is ‘Always have your subject in full sunlight’.I have been playing around with a couple of different compositions lately hence why I love the shot with Solonge and Phil with her veil blowing in the foreground. Even though their is so much happening in this shot, the line of the veil in the foreground leads you into the romantic moment between Phil and Solonge.Solonge looked absolutely amazing in her dress with a change from veil to fascinator late in the afternoon.

Elegant, beautiful, stunning!!!! I used a small depth of field in the last photo to give that lovely soft feel and to really direct all focus to Solonge’s amazing eyes.Congratulations Phil and Solonge!! An amazing day, I can’t wait to show you the remainder photos in your album plan. Regards Gary