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Great wedding photography locations in Perth

Monday, 30 June 2014
Great wedding photography locations in Perth

Perth is a beautiful, modern and excellent city to showcase your wedding. Once you’ve taken care of the venue, caterer and hired a professional wedding photographer, all that remains is choosing the perfect locations for those wedding day photos. Here’s some recommendations from us to help you along the way to choose some of the best settings Perth has to offer.

Swan Valley
The Swan Valley is a popular area to host weddings and offers a kaleidoscope of beautiful locations. From the lush green of the wineries, to romantic, abandoned barns, horse paddocks and the charming Mulberry on Swan, your choices are varied and easy to access. Some fantastic venues in the Swan Valley include The Vines Resort, Caversham House and Sandalford to name a few.

Hyde Park

If you are looking for tree-lined roads or beautiful lakes surrounded by trees, to moody forests for those extra romantic shots, then Hyde Park is the place. Blessed with natural beauty and accessibility, and offering different looks in the different seasons, your photographer will love this venue, as will you. Your wedding album will look incredible with this gorgeous setting.

Araluen Botanic Park

The Araluen Botanic Park offers stunning landscaped gardens and colourful flowers which will turn the backdrop into a multi-coloured canvas, offering you the perfect setting for your wedding pics.There is also the option of a woodland setting with natural flowing water courses.These famous gardens, open every day except Christmas, have seen many a happy couple celebrate their nuptials while offering a myriad of opportunities for fabulous photographs.You are able to book the venue for photographs only.

Perth City

With the city landscape changing into a cultural and bustling hub for Perth, the city has lots to offer for the modern day couple who are looking for a contemporary feel to their wedding photos. Perth City has some fantastic cafes, bars, lane ways and streetscapes to choose from with some popular choices including King Street for a high fashion glamour look and His Majesty’s Theatre for its iconic architecture and history.  Mounts Bay Rd with its glorious large trees and stunning location opposite the Old Swan Brewery is also a popular location for couples to choose.

The Beach

The beach is always a firm favourite when it comes to your wedding photographs. The sea, sand, and sun make for great photographs, especially if taken at the right time, which is always the final hour of sunlight, known as the golden hour. Perth has many beach options to choose from, from the popular Cottesloe Beach, to Hillarys and Margaret River if you have chosen to travel south of Perth for your wedding. A great idea is to find a deserted section, allowing the photographer to stretch his creativity.

Fremantle is a photographer’s dream. If you want a wedding album that boasts variety, creativity and romance, look no further than Fremantle. From atmospheric sunsets and a cool lighthouse backdrop to classic buildings, a ferris wheel and a railway track, your photographs will be anything but boring. There are many more accessible options for your wedding day pictures, including the vintage buildings of the University Of Notre Dame, the Round House, Whaling Tunnel, Cliff Street and the Esplanade Hotel.

All these amazing locations are just some on offer in Perth when choosing where to have photographs on your special day. The Viva Team are always available to guide and assist you with what locations will work best on the day based on time and style of images you wish to create.