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Photographer Profile- Jade Frost

Thursday, 29 September 2016
Photographer Profile- Jade Frost

Our recent bi-monthly awards saw the talented Jade Frost from Viva Joondalup win with her stunning set of portraits capturing beautiful light, composition and emotion. Here she shares some of the stories and inspirations behind each of the beautiful portraits she photographed.

Caroline was an aspiring actress who needed some professional head shots for future work. She had such a bubbly nature and was laughing and giggling all throughout her shoot. However, we had to show some variety through her head shots and chose to capture this strong profile image to portray her diversity as an actress, contrasting her smiley self.

Jade Frost 1

I love seeing similarities and likenesses in family members and these three women did not disappoint. The love they had for each other was almost infectious. It’s so lovely to see three generations of strong women encourage each other in a shoot. I asked all three women to look down for the shot, and grandma looked right into the camera to show her pride and significance for what she had created.

JadeFrost 2

This shot was all about the relationship between a brother and sister. It was amazing to watch a young boy being so gentle and calm with his baby sister. The bond was so strong it was impossible to not feel it through the lens.


These two friends wanted to show their cherished African heritage. They were both such strong women who were extremely proud of where they came from. The silhouette was to show their incredibly strong profiles, facing in different directions to create a sense of symmetry between friends.

JadeFrost 4

Jade said, “My favourite niche to photograph has to be single female glamour shoots. I love when women want to celebrate themselves and do something special, whether it’s for a partner or just themselves! I think all women are beautiful and there’s nothing nicer than witnessing a client’s face light up when they see their images. They see themselves different to how they did before; natural, happy and beautiful! Photography means I get to meet incredible people every day and provide them with the most special memories. I’m so lucky to hear people’s different stories and learn about what is important to them, whilst being boundlessly creative in the studio doing what I love. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that your images are going to make people smile for many years to come.”