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Dwyer Family Photo Session at Viva Rockingham

Thursday, 8 October 2015
Dwyer Family Photo Session at Viva Rockingham

The wonderful Dwyer Family came in to our Rockingham studio and enjoyed a fun filled session with our photographer Courtney. Here is what the Dwyer family had to say about their experience with us, “The folks at Viva were helpful and accommodating. They helped us all to feel relaxed about the photo shoot – not something that we do every day! We enjoyed the experience as a family outing together, had a great cup of coffee and then sat comfortably on a couch while we came to the final conclusions about which photos to choose. All up it was a fun and memorable experience”.

Families go through many stages and capturing these significant moments is what Viva is all about. It is a great way to have a heirloom of images to pass on through generations of the family. This was something special for the Dwyer family with children growing up and starting their own personal journeys. They said, “It was a chance to capture the wonderful people our children are before they headed off in different directions around the globe on their own personal journeys. It was an opportunity to record their relationships with each other at this particular moment in their lives before everything changed completely!

Keeping with tradition they said, “Having grown up with photographs of family members that bring back memories and give younger children in the family a sense of history and belonging, we felt it was important to keep up this tradition. Also, they are just really cool looking kids and we are proud to have such a great piece of art hanging in our living room!”