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Chelsey’s Pre Ball Portrait Shoot at Viva Rockingham

Friday, 15 August 2014
Chelsey’s Pre Ball Portrait Shoot at Viva Rockingham

Chelsey came in with her mum, Jenni and Ben, who accompanied her for a pre ball photo session on the way to her Year 12 School Ball.

“All the staff were very welcoming, incredibly enthusiastic and made us feel very comfortable. They were able to bring out the very best in my generally shy daughter, to capture numerous truly beautiful photos. So many in fact it was difficult to choose!”  -Jenni, Chelsey’s Mother

All of the staff were super excited to have Chelsey in the studio as we knew as soon as she walked in, that her photos would be amazing! Chelsey has an undeniable and effortless natural beauty. Her smile just lights up the room.

A year 12 ball marks the end of an era as students transition into adulthood. Often is the case, that in the not too distant future, they will be leaving the nest to pursue their own path. For parents, their baby is all grown up!

“We always seem to have cameras with us nowadays, to capture images everyday. However, some events are just too special to rely on mum and dad’s often shaky images. My daughter’s Year 12 School Ball for me is one such event. It happens but once and like a wedding, a lot of preparation goes into it. I wanted to forever capture this special moment and to help my daughter feel like the princess that she is!”  -Jenni, Chelsey’s Mother

It was nice to see Chelsey’s personality coming out in the shoot. We caught her having some fun with her friend, Ben. Jenni confessed the below photos accurately depict Chelsey’s true nature.

We concluded the photo session with a few generation shots of Chelsey, her mother and her grandmother which is always beautiful to see.

“Photography is a way to forever remember those beautiful moments that happen in life. Ones memory tends to forget the details, a photograph can keep that memory alive and vivid forever”  -Jenni, Chelsey’s Mother