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Boost Your Confidence

Monday, 17 October 2016
Boost Your Confidence

Empower yourself with boudoir photography

Every woman wants to feel desirable. It’s a fact that women are alluring beings and they love feeling beautiful, but then life gets in the way and often, especially as you age, your confidence goes out the window.
Boudoir and glamour photography is the ultimate confidence boost favoured by modern woman around the world. Believe it or not but by the time you’re done with the session, your fear of cameras will be gone, along with your low self-esteem.

glamour photo shoot

It’s time to find your confidence and display it to the world with beautiful images of your glamour photo shoot. You’re much more than just a wife and mother, and this extremely liberating experience will remind you, and everyone else, that you’ve still got sass. If your confidence is buried under stereotypical labels, now is a good time to shake them off. Express your secret desire to show the world that you don’t care what others think, and choose to live life your way. Glamour photography is there to capture those innermost desires and show you just how amazing you really are.

The secret of body language
It’s all in the posing. Simply bend a leg here, drape an arm there, and suddenly you’re experiencing a side of yourself that you’ve never seen before. If you’re curvy and insecure you should know that every large, medium or small woman has walked out of a boudoir shoot with newfound confidence and so will you. The right photographer will make you feel comfortable, and help you stylishly and elegantly pose, making the most of your best angles while accentuating your curves.


Bring out your best
We focus on natural look so come how you wish to look on the day. If you’re planning on doing your own makeup – and know the tricks of the trade – you’ll know how to maximise your look for the camera. However, if you are concerned about subduing or losing the look and feel that you want to achieve, use a professional make-up artist.
A boudoir photo shoot can capture your features beautifully, reminding you every day that even with flaws – which we all have – you’ve still got that gorgeous something.
You can also choose to bring some beautiful lingerie or outfits that will make you feel sensual and beautiful. A glamour or boudoir photography session is certainly an excellent way to make you or a special woman in your life feel like a million dollars.


Light the way
Lighting can transform any studio into a romantic or mystical space, but even in an expertly-lit studio you may feel inhibited, so remember it’s just you and the photographer. As shadows fall across your curves and soft lighting refines your form, you’ll start to find your confidence, come out of your shell, and start enjoying the experience. Your photographer will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Tanaya_Frankston_Glamour (10)

Boudoirs were once private drawing rooms or suites where ladies went to enjoy sewing, embroidery, or to take time out for themselves. So just like in the past this is time dedicated to just you. There is nothing to be nervous about; this is all about relaxing and letting go.


Viva Photography understands that a glamour shoot is a very personal experience and you may be doing it as a gift for your partner, or as a means to conquering your fear. You can take all of this in hand and take your confidence to a new level with a stylish glamour shoot.

Get in touch with Viva Photography today. If you’re thinking about a glamour photo shoot, but are uncertain of taking the plunge, pop into the studio and our photographers will walk you through the process to put your mind at ease.