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Pet photography that showcases their character and your love

A pet is a beloved part of any family. Perhaps you view your pet as your trusty companion, perhaps you see your pet as a child and you want to celebrate the love and loyalty between the two of you. We have had the privilege of capturing the special bond between petsafor owners for all these years and we invite you to book a session for Pet Photography, that Perth & Melbourne pet lovers have chosen time and time again.

Animals make for some of the most wonderful and interesting subjects and have an abundance of character that can be strikingly captured in a photo. Pets come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing can deny their place in our hearts and our lives. Make sure you have memories that will last forever. Celebrate your unique bond and organise a studio session with us.

“We got a dog scruffy 3 and a half years ago. He turned up at my partner’s work a week before my birthday. We thought scruffy was a tan dog but washed him to find he was white. We cut off all the malted fur and helped his burnt paws heal. He was terrified. It has taken us this long to get him to be a settled and cuddly dog. We don’t have children and both love him more than anything. But we realise dogs don’t live as long as humans and wanted to capture him at his best and what he means to us so that when the time comes for him to leave us, we will always remember how fabulous he was. Viva’s pictures captured the essence of our relationship and were spectacular. Thank you.”

– Wendy Inger

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