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Male Photography

Creative male portrait photography sessions in Perth and Melbourne

Male photography is the ultimate expression of you as an individual and your connection to the world. It is an intensely personal experience that gets to the essence of you as a person. It will explore who you are, what you love to do, your passions and hobbies, and what they mean to you. It will capture a side of you often only seen by very few others, if at all. This can be achieved and expressed through a Viva Photography photo session experience.

While many men seem to think that portrait photography is a woman’s domain, more and more men are discovering the fun, and enjoyment of a male photoshoot. Whether it’s for a partner, a portfolio or just for you, you will be amazed at the results. Buy your man a male portrait photography photoshoot, it makes for an original and special present, and the results will live on forever.

These photography sessions can be enhanced with special props and accessories, adding a sense of fun and creativity to your shoot.  We encourage these additions that represent you as a person, and your individuality. Our professional photographers will incorporate these props into the session and work with you to create images that you’ll be proud of forever. Spontaneity, mood and feelings is what male photography is all about. Viva will create the mood and bring out the feelings that will become timeless memories. We encourage spontaneity at all times and will make your photos unique to you.

If you need a portfolio of professional photographs taken by some of Australia’s top photographers, talk to us. If you want to be captured doing what you love in exquisite detail, contact us.

When it comes to male portraits, we are vastly experienced and know how to make our subjects comfortable. A studio photoshoot is not just about getting exceptional results, it’s about a unique, often once in a lifetime, experience where you get to be the centre of attention.

Whether you buy it for yourself, or buy for a friend or partner, the results will speak for themselves.

Contact us to book your photo session today or buy someone special a memorable gift.