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what is a photograph worth to you?

Friday, 21 January 2011


Photography, with all it’s technology, rules and equipment is still has the biggest impact on the heart with (most) images dripping in emotion. It can stop time, restore the dead to life, and awaken distant memories. Images freeze moments in time, creating an everlasting souvenir of a child , family , couple , pet or a wedding .Once this moment has passed and children grown, couples age and pets pass, what would those tokens of another time be worth to you? Being able to show your grandchildren a photograph of their parents when they were little, expressing a beautiful story about their passion and uniqueness. Viva photographers create a style that is timeless for any portrait that encapsulate the subject’s story; without a word limit .  Memories fade and cannot always fully recall a moment. If photographs enrich the past then they may also embody and symbolise its poignany losses.If a moment is worth anything, contact Viva Photography to capture a fleeting moment to treasure.