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Wedding and Engagement Photography Ideas

Thursday, 10 September 2015
Wedding and Engagement Photography Ideas

Beautiful engagement and wedding photos which reflect your personal style as a couple

Once the excitement of a proposal subsides, the excitement of the planning starts and there is no slowing down. Social media has given couples a platform to show off their images, which is why there is added pressure for your images to stand out. By using a professional photographer, you eliminate the risk of your photos looking like they were taken with your cell phone, and you have the experts to guide you in the right direction in terms of styling and posing.

Here are some of the popular style ideas for engagement and wedding photography.

Engagement shoots

There are so many options available for engagement photos because you’re not restricted at all. It’s your chance to showcase your couple style to your friends and family in a story of photos.


Using a timeline structure for engagement photos has become increasingly popular. You could hold signs in the photos displaying the year of each milestone. For example, take a photo at the place you met, where you had your first date and where the proposal occurred. Each will have a different date to show how far you’ve come.


The reason behind an engagement shoot is to announce your upcoming wedding. In a few of the photos, you and your fiancé can reveal that you’re engaged with a chalkboard that states, “we’re engaged” or “guess who’s getting married?” If you’re well organised, you can even write the date of your wedding on the board!


This one is for the guys. It has become a trend to capture the proposal on camera. You’ll have to plan it properly if you don’t want to spoil the surprise. It’s one of the most special moments shared between couples and with this idea you’ll remember it perfectly. In addition, you’ll have beautiful engagement photographs to share with your friends and family.

Wedding photos

By hiring a professional photographer, you’ll benefit from having someone direct you and your bridal party. All you need to do is tell them what kind of look or theme you wish to achieve. Here are a few ideas.

Role switch

A fun idea is to have the men act like women for a few shots. Get them to pout, slant their hips, and gush about the grooms ring. It will make for a series of entertaining shots for everyone to laugh at for years to come.

Special mementos

There is always something that reminds you of each person in your bridal party. It may not be a material thing but a gesture. For example, if you’re older sister is a bridesmaid, get a picture of her pretending to do your hair on the wedding day like you did when you were younger. As the groom, if one of the groomsmen was a drinking buddy in college, be sure to take a photo at the bar for old time sake.

First looks

A wedding day is filled with surprises and emotions. Ask the photographer to capture all the ‘first looks’ of the day. The most obvious look is the groom seeing the bride, but the look of the parents seeing their son or daughter dressed up to get married is something special. Capture the awe of the bridesmaids when they see the bride in her dress for the first time, and the cheers from the men when they see their mate looking slick in a suit.

Have fun with your engagement and wedding photographs… it’s a once-off experience!

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