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Viva’s Wedding Photography Style

Monday, 30 June 2014

Weddings are a huge commitment here at Viva. We spend 50 to 60 hours working with each couple.

Every Wedding Photographer will have their own signature style, so when choosing the studio you want to go with for your wedding it’s important that you understand what the photographer is trying to capture.

We made this video to give you a better idea of how we like to capture each moment of the wedding day, and the signature style of Viva’s wedding photography.

For those who don’t have sound, can’t hear the video or just prefer to read, we’ve printed the transcription below.


Vittorio: All of our wedding photographers capture the story of the day, the lives, the people the joy, the whole works.

James: I believe couples deserve amazing images that tell their story in an artistic way.

Vittorio: Viva loves weddings. Viva loves people; we validate people’s lives, values and self-esteem. We love weddings because of everything that they represent.

James: Shooting a wedding is more than just about taking pictures; it’s about the experience that you provide the bride and groom. It’s about assuring them that they’re doing okay. It’s about making their day run smoothly.

The Groom’s House & The Bride’s House

Vittorio: The boy’s house is about casual energy, mateship, and having fun. At the bride’s house, it’s about capturing her natural beauty, her uniqueness, her individuality. It’s a one-on-one between the photographer and the bride.

James: One of my favourite moments while I’m shooting at the bride’s house is after the bride is in her dress, and her dad sees her for the first time. It’s just an amazing connection that they have. It’s just a beautiful moment.

The Ceremony

Vittorio: At the ceremony, there’s a special moment where the groom looks at the bride coming down the aisle; it’s amazing.

James: At the ceremony, I really love to capture the special moments that the bride and groom share and the way they look at each other. Collaborating with the bride and groom on location inspires me to create artistic imagery for them.

The Celebration

Vittorio: The reception the banquet, the party, it’s where everyone comes together; it’s an amazing place to be. There’s so much going on, there’s so much to capture; the joy, the love and the laughter. Weddings are great. They tell us everything about family, everything about love; it’s a wonderful thing to capture. Weddings are the essence of what we do.