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Top 10 Photography Books

Friday, 16 October 2015
Top 10 Photography Books

Check out this list of internationally renowned photographers. Each has a unique style, which can be viewed and published books and many galleries around the world.

Arnold Newman

Considered one of the best photographers of the 21st Century, portrait photographer Arnold Newman, publicised a book called Arnold Newman’s Americas. It is filled with portraits of some of the biggest American artisans, composers, musicians, presidents and actors of our time, in various settings that complement their personalities and trades.

Helmut Newton

Together with his wife, June Newton, Helmut produced Helmut Newton’s Us & Them, an album that showcases a lifetime of their marriage. With the same affinity for ‘laying it bare’ these photographs encapsulate Helmut’s time in various hospitals, and Junes undying dedication to their craft. It features black and white, and colour pictures taken from 1974 to 2001.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

One of the pioneers of documentary photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson collated a selection of pictures to create an edition in the Aperture Masters of Photography Series. His edition focuses on influential artists in his lifetime. Bresson is still considered one of the true photography artisans out there with his book being a regular feature in many studios.

Man Ray

Considered a surrealist, Man Ray, worked with several mediums to produce his many pieces of art. Film, sculpting, painting and photography were his favourite forms of expression for his passions. His two favourite being surrealism and Dadaisim – an art form that displayed a loathing for social and political cultures of the time.

August Sander

August Sander is a German photographer best known for documenting contemporary society by going out onto the street and capturing the real thing. His love of photography included landscapes, architecture, and street photography, which he turned into a book; People of the 20th Century.

Walker Evans

He laid out the Great Depression for all the world to see. Capturing the pain and desperation that gripped families across America. Walker Evans’ American Photographs take you through a world of anguish and uncertainty that doesn’t sway from the reality of the times.

Eugene Atget

A French photographer who always had a passion for Paris, Eugene Atget set out to capture the many beautiful buildings and architecture of the city before modernisation. He wandered the streets and took pictures of the many buildings he was certain would be torn down to make way for the new age of construction.

André Kertész

André was Hungarian and he had a major love for photographic composition. He turned photography into art by combining the right subject with the perfect angles, colours and lighting. He dominated the social scene and caught the rawness of the late 60s and 70s, which he showcased in many galleries.

Barbara Morgan

An influential dance photographer who took what is considered today, to be the most unforgettable photo of iconic dancer – Martha Graham, as she danced in Letter to the World. She later went on to produce the Sixteen Dances of Photographs, which put her on the pathway to being labelled the creator of American modern dance.

Berenice Abbot

Known for her black and white photography, Berenice Abbot loved American architecture, particularly the buildings in New York, which she regularly photographed. Berenice could take any arbitrary street and turn it into a beautiful image that could draw you in and capture your imagination.