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Tips for photographing your pet

Monday, 18 April 2016
Tips for photographing your pet

We consider our pets to be our best friends. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or a rabbit, we share a special bond with our animals, and they deserve our unconditional love and attention. At Viva Photography, we completely understand the strong relationship between owners and their pets, which is why we offer a unique pet photography service. Our talented, award-winning photographers are experts in capturing special moments between you and your pet.

Here are a few tips to ensure the best possible photography session with your pet.

  1. Bring a familiar toy and treats

It is imperative that your pet is comfortable during the session.  Some may not be so sociable and may shy away from all the attention. By bringing along their favourite toy, it will help them feel comfortable in unknown surroundings. We also highly recommend brining along some of their favourite treats. This will get them to sit still and pose so the photographer can capture them perfectly.

  1. Dress comfortably

If you choose to be in the photos with your pets, try to dress as comfortably as possible, especially if your pet is very playful. The last thing you want is to deny your pet the right to jump on you and run around because your clothes are restricting. Try to bring out you and your pet’s personality in your outfit. Jeans with a white top normally allows for a casual and neutral style of photography where everyone’s personalities can shine through.

  1. Start using a flash around your pet

The bright flash may scare some pets. A week before your photoshoot, try using your normal camera flash around your pet so that they can become accustomed to the light. Don’t put the flash close to their face or directly in line with their eyes as this may cause damage. You can rest easy in the knowledge that our professional photographers know exactly what type of lighting to use to get the best images without damaging your pet’s eyesight.

  1. To groom or not to groom?

If you want your little scruffy to show up and shine as is, that is totally fine. We’ve received numerous queries about what is best, but the truth is, it’s up to you and how you want to remember your pet. Most owners prefer a beautifully groomed pet, as it helps show off their best features on camera. This also makes sense if you are going to dress him or her in a special outfit.

  1. Bring the necessary equipment

If your pet usually travels with a leash or cage, we encourage you to bring those along for times when photographs aren’t being taken, like during breaks or discussions about the photos.

“To us, they are part of our lives, to them, we are their whole life”. It’s a sad thought that we will most likely outlive our pets, and during the time we have them, it is our duty to care for them and give them the best possible life. To preserve those special moments you share, why not book a pet photography session? It goes without saying that you will always remember every pet you’ve owned, but having tangible memories will allow you to share these memories forever.

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