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The Essence of Viva’s Portrait Photography Style

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Every photography studio has their own signature style, so when choosing the studio you want to go with it’s important that you understand what the photographer is trying to capture.

We made this video to give you an idea of the ethos behind the portrait photography style at the Viva studios. For those who don’t have sound, can’t hear the video or just prefer to read, we’ve printed the transcription below.

Our CEO Vittorio Natoli had this to say about the portrait style at Viva Photography:

“Viva is about creating inspired images that validate people’s lives, values and self-esteem. Viva is about creating beautiful imagery.

Your life is worth it. Your life journey is unique; value it, and give it back to your loved ones. Your loved ones want it and they appreciate you and your life more than you think.

It will be there for them as a constant reminder, an inspiration when they need it the most. It’s so important, what we leave behind, what we treasure, what we valued, what we give to our loved ones, to our partners, to our children, what we say about our lives, what we say about the value in me.

We create beautiful images that, tell stories about peoples’ lives, about how they feel about, how they interact, and value their lives.

I remember looking back on a photo I had done, where I was standing next to my father at a wedding and that tells me that dad was there with me, that tells he loved me, it tells me that we were together. I bring back that photo and it just opens so many memories to me.”