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Something old, something borrowed, something blue

Friday, 29 July 2016
Something old, something borrowed, something blue

Stepping back in time

Simply put, vintage never fails. If you’re looking for something classic, opulent and romantic, then adding touches of vintage to your wedding is your best bet. So whether you’re looking to go full-Great Gatsby or would just like to add small touches to your big day, incorporate these ideas to make your day really special.

1. The invitations
Your invitation is the first sneak peek of your wedding. Your goal here is to set the mood before the fun even begins – send out invitations that make use of the vintage style to create a gorgeous and unique visual statement. These invitations are fun and playful, and they can be used to encourage guests to come in their own vintage attire.

2. The venue
Choose a venue that oozes character and authentic charm. Venues to consider are country houses and old theatres as well as barns, castles, and historic buildings.

3. Colour palette
Vintage-inspired colours can range from soft pastels to vibrant hues and everything in between. This is good news because you can choose a palette that suits your tastes. So which colours are good options? If you’re getting married during winter, then consider something like bronze, forest green and black. The rich bronze colour and deep green provides a formal, royal feeling. If you’re having a small outdoor wedding in the warmer months, then try pastel colours and intricate patterns like florals.

4. The attire
Long-sleeved gowns and floral crowns are great throwbacks to the vintage era. Incorporate lace and headdresses that were popular in the 1920s. You can also deck out your partner and the rest of the wedding party in stylish vintage pieces to complement your vintage bridal look.

5. Your wedding photos
The obvious choice is using black and white or sepia-tone photos for your vintage wedding. You may want to have some photos in colour and that’s okay. Find a photographer that can communicate your vision and let your photographer know what you are aiming for, and he or she will be able to bring you great vintage-feeling results.

6. It’s all about the music
If the music of an era truly speaks to you, incorporate it into the ceremony and reception. The music at your wedding sets the tone for the reception. Set the stage with these musical gems. Add to your playlist and press play:
• “You’re My Baby” by A. Seymour Brown and Nat D. Ayer (1912)
• “You Made Me Love You” by James Vincent Monaco and Joseph McCarthy (1913)
• “The Man I Love” by George and Ira Gershwin (1924)
• “It Had to Be You” by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn (1924)
• “A Fine Romance” by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields (1936)
• “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” by Irving Berlin (1937)
• “Shoo Shoo Baby” by Phil Moore (1943)
• “Swinging on a Star” by Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen (1944)

7. Seating arrangements
Brides are getting more and more creative with their table plans these days, and we’ve seen some fantastic ideas. Many have favoured use a glass door to display the seating arrangements but consider something like an old faded map and use the continents as tables.

8. Decor
Incorporating antique furniture or vintage spaces into your wedding is a stunning way to get the best vintage feeling with minimal work. Choose colours, decorations, and floral arrangements that accent your vintage theme to make your venue really come alive.

9. Catering
Vintage catering? It’s possible. Because of the rise of vintage weddings, we’ve seen the establishment of specialist catering companies.
It uses quirky touches and unique features to display your dish. Now, there are catering companies that cook and serve delicious homemade meals from a VW camper van, to fantastically fresh pizzas cooked in mobile wood-fired ovens.

10. Dress code
Get your guests involved in the theme. Have the ladies dress in beautiful silks, chiffon or even lace. Suggest fabrics that drape effortlessly around the body. The more accessories the better, with gloves, beads and plenty of bows.
For the gents, it’s all about sharp suits and attention to detail. Art Deco inspired pieces with geometric shapes or diagonal strips are a must, while tie pins, cuff links and colourful handkerchiefs provide the attention to detail you need.

11. Vintage wedding cake
Like catering, it is possible to have vintage wedding cakes. What does this entail? Think along the lines of a cake decorated in gold with berry accents to ivory squared wedding cakes.
Even if you’re against the idea of going full vintage, there are little elements that you can incorporate to give you that classic feel.