Show the Love

Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Show the Love

Give your Valentine’s Day photoshoot a loving angle

Valentine’s Day is looming and you’re stuck for something new and interesting to give your spouse or loving family; something that’s preferably not just the standard red teddy holding an “I love you” heart. This day of love is no longer just about couples, it’s also about families, and many are opting to include their kids in this day of romance. So what can you do to make it special and unique?

Here are a few tips to help you create the ideal Valentine’s Day photoshoot that will live on as a day of fun and love.


Less is more

Keep it simple. If you’re not one for an abundance of blood red roses and super pink hearts, a stylish black or white backdrop will do just fine. After all, it’s about the look and feel of your love that speaks volumes.

Valentine’s day is fun and flirty, and with the right type of style you can easily get the message of love across without props; unless of course you would like them, in which case, let’s have some serious prop-filled fun!


Balloons, hearts, streamers, chocolates, champagne and even oysters have been used as visual metaphors for love.

Use Props


Keep it natural

Your natural affection for one another speaks volumes in pictures. Images do not scream “Love!”, especially when you look like a couple of robots awkwardly staring into each other’s circuit boards. Forget where you are, but remember why you fell in love.


Involve the kids

Your little ones are a great way to show and represent an extension of a couple’s love; they are often the ones holding the hearts and balloons, which they love. Your little girl/s and dad can enjoy real father/daughter moments, while mom and son can capture the innocence before the boys turn into men, and girlfriends replace mom as the woman in their lives. Valentine’s is all about love whether it’s mom and dad, or parents and kids.

Involve the kids


Re-enact the classics

Movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, and even Singing in the Rain are just a few of the cinematic classics that epitomise elegance, glamour, style, and dramatic love. Step back in time by illustrating your awesome relationship through images depicting you and your other half as the legendary Frank Sinatra, iconic Audrey Hepburn or breathtaking Ava Gardner in their suspenseful scenes.

Re-enact the classics


Nude photography

A very personal experience that calls for working with a professional and experienced photographer. Nude photography, done tastefully, makes for truly captivating images. This is also a great gift for your other half. A surprise album of artistic images that speak a thousand words of love.

Nude Photography


Show your furry friends love

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and animal lovers will tell you that a loyal animal is the ultimate example of love. Show the world how much you and your family love your pet by celebrating that unique bond in your Valentine’s Day phot shoot.

Show your furry friends

Book your valentine’s day photo shoot now with Viva Photography and get those albums sorted or frames hanging by the big day. Show the love, to everyone.