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7 Awesome Props for a Child’s Photoshoot

Thursday, 27 August 2015
7 Awesome Props for a Child’s Photoshoot

A fun photoshoot deserves cool props! Check out the list below

After booking a photoshoot for your child, your mind will probably be buzzing with all the ideas you would like to incorporate. With a children’s photoshoot, you have the opportunity to get creative in so many different ways. Do all the research about children’s photography ideas beforehand so that you can give the studio a heads up. Check out this list of cool props to use for your child’s photoshoot.

  1. Toys

    Toy Props for Babies
    It’s always a cute idea to bring your child’s favourite toy along, especially if he or she is still a toddler. Whether it is a little fire engine or a teacup set, your child will be occupied and happily smiling for the photos while playing with his or her favourite toy.

  2. Beach Balls

    Having your little one play with massive beach balls on set will be so much fun for your child and yourself. It will also make for fantastic photos. Most children are fascinated with balls and it gives the opportunity for different poses; throwing, catching, rolling, sitting or falling, and your time on set would be endless laughing.

  3. Bubbles

    Bubbles make for adorable photos, and it’s an affordable prop you can incorporate into the shoot. It is always a wonder for children to see transparent, lightweight circles come out of a little tube. Better yet, the amazement that comes with popping the bubbles gives beautiful expressions to capture on camera.

  4. Chalkboards

    This idea is fun, especially if you have more than one child. The idea is that your children pose with a chalkboard that has a cute message on it about their other siblings. You could write the message or your children could draw something funny and unique. The photos will highlight a fun dynamic between siblings trying to read each other’s board.

  5. For girls – mom’s jewellery or high heels

    Props for BabiesSome little girls love walking around in their mom’s high heels, pretending to be a beauty just like her mom. There’s always time for a dress up in a girl’s mind and if this is the case with your daughter then bring along some of your costume jewellery and high heels as props for the photo. Your little girl will have so much fun dressing up in front of the camera.

  6. For boys – dad’s caps or sport equipment

    Similarly to girls, boys also like to have fun with dad’s stuff whether it be his caps that he loves wearing on a Saturday or the equipment he uses when playing sports with his friends. Why not bring those along and let your son play around to his heart’s content and get awesome photos in the process.

  7. Balloons

    Like bubbles, balloons have the same effect on children. This also allows you to have some fun before the shoot – blowing up balloons with your child. Have him or her try to blow up a couple of balloons on set, throw some up in the air, hit a few and chase after them. Get balloons of all different colours, or perhaps your child’s favourite colours, and you’ll have exciting photos bursting with energy.

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