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Picture Perfect -10 reasons you should consider a professional photo session

Friday, 7 October 2016
Picture Perfect -10 reasons you should consider a professional photo session

Get the best from professional photo sessions

Your little ones are growing up fast and you’d love to freeze time and capture every moment. You have fallen in love or you’re pregnant and would love to capture this special time in your life. Whatever your reasons, a studio shoot has many advantages.

1. No disruptions
A professional photoshoot in our studio is private and free of distractions. This a dedicated experience designed for you to walk away with images you will love. The setting is relaxed and your photographer will lead the way in creating you a stunning portfolio of imagery.

2. We have all the training
While the latest iPhone may have great photo capabilities, it doesn’t hold a candle to professional equipment or expertise. So, while you may be an accomplished iPhone photographer, you won’t achieve a professional result.
With our equipment and years of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of light, composition and mood, and using the right angles to get excellent results.

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3. Printing quality
If you’ve taken millions of photos on your phone or camera and want to print them to display or make a cute photo album, you’ll find that the quality may not be what you want, especially if you’re printing at a consumer print lab.
Photographers enjoy access to print labs that you don’t, and will print high-quality images that will last you a lifetime.

4. We can tell a story, visually
The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true to all photographers. Our job is more than just taking pictures; it’s about telling stories. The best pictures are the ones that are spontaneous and natural looking.

5. Everyone’s in the picture!
If you’re the family designated photographer, then you’re probably rarely in any pictures. If you do want in on the action another family member usually has to be sacrificed. Unless you’re using a timer and can get into position fast, there’s virtually no way for everyone to be included in your pics.
With a professional, you’ll appear in every photo.


6. Creating a family heirloom
Photos are a monument to a family’s life and story, and can be passed down through generations like an invaluable family heirloom. Professional photo sessions capture your family at this special moment in time. In our experience, the images created on the day only going up in value as the years pass and you look back on the beautiful memories created. So many families regret not doing it sooner so cease the opportunity today.

7. A professional look
A studio shoot provides you with a professional look. With a clean white or black background to choose from, you have a blank canvas to personalise your session and bring out your personality in front of the camera. Get ready to create that undeniable polished, professional look that will impress all who see it.

8. Whatever look you desire, we can achieve it
With a professional photo session, we will ensure you get the look you desire. We capture the true essence of every individual and encourage you to bring props that symbolise something of meaning to you. Whether it be your favourite hobby, outfit or something you’re passionate about right now, we want to photograph it, as this is a representation of you at this time in your life.


9. Post-production
Post production is used to transform the photos by editing. Unless you have extensive knowledge of Photoshop, leave it to the professionals. While we aim for a natural look, we know how to edit your photographs for a great finished look.

10. Enjoy the experience
This isn’t something you do every day so it should be seen as an experience you will never forget. Leave all the details to us and just relax and enjoy the experience. If this is your first professional photo session, expect to laugh and enjoy the fun and emotion as you realise how special your life truly is. You deserve to capture these special memories.

Capture those precious moments with a professional photo session. Contact Viva Photography today and book a session with one of our photographers.