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Keep Your Little One’s Memories Forever

Thursday, 26 January 2017
Keep Your Little One’s Memories Forever

Why pictures of your newborn are so important

You’re excited to meet your little one; you’ve prepared the room, chosen the clothing and selected outfits for all occasions. Of course, every mum and dad believes they will remember all those beautiful little poses and moments that their newborn babies express. And then reality sets in.

Importance Of Newborn Portraits 1

Endless nappy changes, sleepless nights and regular feeds start to blur the days, and before you know it, you’ve missed out on those first precious weeks. You want to believe that you are going to remember every single moment, but it’s over quicker than you think and those sleepless nights mean that you’ll easily forget a lot of meaningful stuff. That’s why it’s important to capture this special time for posterity with a newborn photography session.

Our brains are not designed to retain all the images of everything our babies do, unless of course you have a photographic memory. The answer is to capture those moments the old-fashioned way; with real photography.

The first weeks

The first few weeks when your little one is sleepy and curled up are the most precious. Everything is so raw and new; it is such a special time for any family.

To ensure you can capture those moments, photographers recommend that you have photos taken 6-10 days after giving birth. That’s a time when you have still had a decent amount of sleep and can still look at your child through clear eyes.

Importance of Newborn Portaits 2

Those looks

You never stop looking at your newborn without an overwhelming sense of absolute love and adoration, and there’s no better way to capture this than with beautifully taken photographs.

From the moment your little one arrives life is about overwhelming expressions of all-consuming love; those sweet loving looks, cute little fingers and toes, and pure innocence are what makes your world go around. It’s these moments that you want to remember forever.

Importance of Newborn Portraits 3

The tiny details

Those hands, rosebud lips, tiny toes, little bud nose and wisps of hair change so quickly. Many parents have said that when looking back on pictures of these tiny details they’re transported back to those moments when they can smell their little ones’ newness, and remember the feel their soft hair and skin.

Importance of Newborn Photography 4


Parents are the ones who want to keep pictures of their newborns because they can never get these moments back. But there’s more to it than that. Images of your children will also become important to them as they grow up.

Importance of Newborn Photography 5

Every child wants to look back on their childhood pictures, and with the increase in newborn photography, more and more people get to take a step back in time and be audience to their own introductions to the world, through beautifully captured images.

Many people love to have pictures of themselves as newborns because, not only is it great, but also because it’s a wonderful thing to have when they have kids of their own. To see resemblances between themselves and their own children, is special on every level.

Importance of Newborn Photography 6

Create images that allow you to enjoy your children’s newborn phase, even after they’re grown and left the house. The years fly by so Contact Viva Photography today because those first few weeks go by in a blink and you don’t want to miss out on capturing this amazing time in your life.