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International love

Wednesday, 24 February 2016
International love

What does it take to plan a destination wedding?

In movies, characters seem to pull off a destination wedding with ease. The guests arrive on time and the wedding proceeds without a hitch. In reality, destination weddings only work if you are willing to put in the hours and the proper planning.

When planning a destination wedding, you will need to be twice as organised and pre-empt every detail.

Before planning, your first step is to make your potential guests and the bridal party aware that you are planning a destination wedding. This provides them with ample time to confirm their attendance or time to save for flights.  Also, remember to research great photographers in the area who will visualise your big day.

Pick the perfect location

Select a destination that will suit your budget and also your personality. If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, a beach location may be your preference. Remember that it is important to feel comfortable at your wedding, therefore select a venue that reflects your personal style.

Destination Photography Vineyard

Wedding photographers

Put time aside to research great wedding photographers at your location. Select a photographer that will be able to tell your story through photos – someone who can perfectly capture the joy and happiness that surrounds your big day. Take your time to browse various portfolios to find a photographer you love.

Timing is everything

Great weather is worth planning for in advance. Take note of the seasonal differences between your home city and your destination of choice, as there can be dramatic changes in temperature and weather patterns even a short distance apart. You may prefer to choose a date that does not coincide with tourist season and rather opt for shoulder season – right after the tourist season. This may allow for more affordable prices but will ensure that you can still enjoy the great atmosphere and beautiful weather conditions.

Destination Photography Ellis

Visit the destination before your wedding

Plan at least one trip to your destination in advance, to scout and possibly secure a venue and hotels. Ideally three trips should help with planning however, it’s always best to do as much as possible during the first visit. On your first trip, schedule a menu sampling session and cake tasting. If you’re unable to travel with your favourite hair stylist and makeup artist, try to visit the local salons and plan a makeup and hair styling session.

Local marriage requirements

Getting married in another country can be quite complicated, legally. There can be certain rules you need to abide by and some countries even require you to reside in a country for a certain length of time before your marriage. It is important to research this properly before you select a location.

With a little help from your friends

Splitting wedding responsibilities will relieve a little stress and help you to focus. Rope in your closest friends and relatives, hire a wedding planner and involve your partner.

Our last piece of advice is to take a few moments to relax. Remember that it’s your big day – it needs to be special and most importantly, you, your partner and guests are there to create memories and have fun.

Contact professional photography services to help capture your special day.