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Capturing the perfect family portrait

Friday, 20 May 2016
Capturing the perfect family portrait

Tips for a successful family photoshoot

Are you the type of family that loves capturing family moments? Does every family event turn into an impromptu photoshoot? Then maybe it’s time to consider a professional family portrait shoot. For a successful photoshoot and a memorable experience, you need to plan ahead. Here are some tips to help you out.

Find your theme
Great family portraits have an ongoing theme, even if it is subtle. There are countless themes to choose from and you need to select one that best reflects your family and meets the objectives of the photoshoot. Researching family portrait styles and speaking with a professional portrait photographer will help when deciding on a theme and a particular style to suit your family. For example, if you are looking to add some fun and personality to the session then it is recommended to bring along some props that represent something you love to do as a family. You could all wear your favourite sporting teams’ jumper or bring in musical instruments. For a more natural and casual theme wearing simple clothing like jeans and a black and white top always works best. If your family is more traditional and you are looking for a formal theme, then consider sepia style photography with everyone in their best evening wear. The most important thing is to select a theme that feels natural to you and your family or it will show in your family portraits.

The right photographer
While you are researching themes, look to find the right photographer that will compliment and have fun with you on the day. You will want to choose a photographer that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable so the best natural shots shine through in the images. Also do some research and ensure you choose a photographer that has been photographing families for a long time. There is an art to great family portraits so you want to choose the best. Find a photographer who understands your vision.

Planning ahead is the one thing people take for granted and sometimes many people are running around the day before or on the day of the photoshoot. A week before the photoshoot, encourage all family members to get organised for the photoshoot. This may include the props that are going to be used, running to the dry cleaners, buying some new outfits and planning makeup and hair.

This may sound simple however this is one element which needs careful consideration. The best family portraits are photographed in a professional photography studio where lighting, shadowing and ambience can be created based on the theme you are looking for within the final photographs. Discuss this in detail with your photographer for guidance on what to bring along on the day, such as props or particular items of clothing which will assist with creating the perfect setting for your family photoshoot.

A good family photographer will take their time to get great shots for your family. If timing is important and you are on a deadline the day of your photoshoot, communicate this to your photographer beforehand, especially if you have younger children. Make sure that everyone is aware of the photoshoot’s run time and perhaps make sure everyone has had something to eat beforehand to ensure that the shoot is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourselves on the day as this will reflect in your photographs. A family portrait session is a great time for family bonding and for creating life long memories together.

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