Most people are so busy snapping pictures of their pets with their smartphones that they never consider hiring a professional photographer. You may think that it’s an extravagance that won’t be worth the trouble, or you might be nervous that your pet won’t behave and it will be an embarrassing experience. The truth is that pet photographers are actually experts at calming down nervous animals, and at the end of the photoshoot you will receive beautiful, thoughtful pictures of your furry friend that can be treasured for years to come. Everyone loves spoiling their pets, and a photoshoot is another way for you to show your love. Here’s why your beloved pet deserves to have their own photoshoot:

Pet Photography Takes Skill:

In the age of smartphones, everyone believes they are a talented photographer, especially when it comes to taking pictures of our pampered pets – but a professional takes things to the next level and captures beautiful pictures that become lifelong keepsakes. Smartphones are pretty good at taking photos, but they are nothing when compared with the high-quality equipment used by a professional. A photographer will be using the best cameras, lighting, and backdrops, and they can even touch up the photo afterwards to remove bugs or enhance the details.

An expert pet photographer will also be experienced in dealing with uncooperative animals, so they will know how to handle them and make sure the photos turn out as planned. Another bonus is that when a professional takes photos of your pet it can actually become an impressive piece of art. Why would you buy a photo of an unknown horse for your wall when you could have a meaningful, personal picture instead?

An expert pet photographer will be experienced in dealing with uncooperative animals.

To Chart Your Changing Family:

Sadly, your pet won’t be around forever, so it’s important to capture important memories and chart their life while you can. Once they are gone, you will really appreciate having photos that reflect your pet’s unique personality and special moments from their life. Also, pets age quite quickly, so you will want to capture as many cute, funny moments as you can from their early years.

A pet is a valued member of your family as well, and so it’s nice to include them in family photoshoots. This way you can look back and see not only the evolution of your children and family members, but see your pet throughout different stages of their life with you.

Photographers have a range of imaginative techniques they use for making your pet photos unique.

Photographers Have Unique, Creative Ideas:

Usually, the best we can do when taking photos of our pets is a slightly boring shot of the dog or cat laying on the couch – but during a professional pet portrait a photographer can arrange the shots in interesting ways. Photographers have a range of imaginative techniques they use for making your pet photos unique, and they can come up with things you would never have thought of.

Just imagine your little rabbit photographed with its head poking out of a top hat, or your cat perched in a wooden barrel, swatting at floating bubbles. The photographers at Viva Photography have staged shots just like these, and there are a variety of other styles and themes for you to choose from with our professional pet photography. Whether you are looking for a serious, elegant shot of your horse, or a humorous picture of your cat with a ball of wool – we have got you covered.

Choose an Experienced Pet Photographer:

Here at Viva Photography, we love creating lasting memories of your fur family members, and our experienced pet photographers know exactly how to make your pets comfortable for the camera. Our studio is large enough for any type of animal – even a horse! – because we believe that every pet owner should be able to have a fun and meaningful pet portrait.