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Franchise FAQ

Will I have an opportunity to contribute to the franchise network?

Yes, our franchise system has been designed to provide all Franchisees with an equal opportunity to contribute on any matter affecting the business and really become a part of the total business activities. We will have a representative body of Franchisees who work more closely with the Franchisor than most can, so that your views are captured and then dealt with in the appropriate way.

How long is the training and when does it occur?

Initial training is immediately after the settlement and it will run for at least six to twelve weeks. This is compulsory prior to the opening of your own business. Naturally there is training on an on-going basis, which would be provided by VIVA Life Photography and/or sometimes our suppliers.

What happens at the end of the first franchise term?

Provided that you have not breached your Franchise Agreement with us during the initial term, and notify us of your wish to renew at the required time, you will be able to renew your franchise for a further term.  You should be aware that a number of requirements set out in the Franchise Agreement would need to be met before your franchise can be renewed.  In particular, you will have to pay the legal costs of arranging the renewal.  You may also have to sign a new Franchise Agreement.

What is the Marketing Fee?

The Marketing Fees are a combination of Local Area Marketing activities to a set percentage of revenue Plus the Group Marketing Fund contributions.

What is the Franchise Service Fee?

The purpose of the Franchise Service Fee is to remunerate us, (the Franchisor), for the on-going services we provide to you, such as;

  • Training and monitoring;
  • Concept and product development;
  • Manual updates;
  • Access to products from the VIVA Life Photography contacts;
  • Franchise Performance Reviews aimed to assist you in making your business more effective and profitable,
  • The benefit of group purchasing power;
  • Ongoing advice and support;
  • Management of the Group; and
  • Other miscellaneous services

The Franchise Service Fee is set at 10% of Gross Revenue, payable to the Franchisor.

What do I receive for my initial fee?

The Franchise Establishment Fee represents your payment for the grant by us of the right to use the valuable intellectual property, which comprises the VIVA Life Photography business opportunity.  However, you get a lot more than that for your Franchise Establishment Fee.  Access to the best suppliers, the best marketing concepts and the systems to maximise profits from your own business.

How much will it cost?

The fee payable for the grant of a franchise is $55 000 GST inclusive. You will also be required to make monthly payments for group management (known as the Franchise Service Fee) and group marketing (known as the Marketing Fee).  You would be given full disclosure in relation to these and other expenses before being required to enter into any agreement with us.

How do I go about becoming a VIVA Life Photography Franchisee?

You have already started this journey.  The first thing you must do is complete an Application and Disclosure Form.  This information will assist us in assessing your suitability as a VIVA Life Photography Franchisee.  Should we decide after this stage that you meet our initial criteria, then, subject to you providing certain confidentiality undertakings, we would provide you with a detailed outline of the steps, which must be completed in order for you to become a Franchisee.

Why should I choose to become a VIVA Life Photography Franchisee?

VIVA Life Photography has been successfully operating since 1991 and continues to grow at a healthy rate. The company is highly experienced and is recognised for their superior photographic quality and its excellent customer service and as a result is recognised as an industry leader in the photographic industry. We would now like to share our success and knowledge with others through our franchising program.

Why should I choose a franchise instead of starting my own business?

Starting a new business can be very risky. By purchasing a franchise you can reduce the risk to some extent as you are buying a business with an established, successful business concept.  In addition, you receive a comprehensive business and marketing system, ongoing support, advice and training from us.

What is a franchise?

According to the Franchising Code of Conduct, a business is deemed to be a franchise where:

  • There is a written, oral or implied agreement;
  • One party (the franchisee) is granted the right to carry on a business of offering, supplying or distributing goods or services under a system or marketing plan;
  • The system or marketing plan is substantially determined, controlled or suggested by the other party (the franchisor);
  • The operation of the business will be substantially or materially associated with the franchisors trademark, advertising or commercial symbol; and
  • Before starting or continuing the business the franchisee must pay or agree to pay the franchisor an amount, whether an initial fee, ongoing royalty or other payment.

What is franchising?

Franchising is really about being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Generally, franchising is where a one party, the franchisor, licenses another party, the franchisee, to distribute and market a product or service and use the business name and/or trademarks for a fixed period in return for a fee.

Under the VIVA Life Photography franchising system, a franchisee has the opportunity to conduct a business using the VIVA Life Photography name, system and products.