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Business for Sale Perth, Western Australia

Business and franchise opportunities in Perth, Western Australia



Viva Photography Subiaco- Unit 10/375 Hay Street, SubiacoSubiacoLoRes

If you are an entrepreneur with a creative edge, you might consider starting your own business or buying an existing franchise. There is a host of businesses for sale and franchise opportunities in Perth, WA and one excellent opportunity is a Viva Photography franchise. Viva has a fantastic reputation and a strong brand identity in Western Australia, with more than 25 years in the industry and seven franchises operating in Perth.

Viva Photography provides an outstanding opportunity for serious entrepreneurs to join a successful company with enormous growth potential. Please note this is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business-minded people, you do not need to be a photographer to own a Viva franchise. What will ensure your success is a genuine love of people and a commitment to delivering excellent service to your customers, while leading a dynamic and creative team.

With a growing population in WA, Viva is continuing its expansion with opportunities to open your own Viva studio in the South West, Cannington or South Perth or purchase an existing Viva studio location.

Viva has established ourselves over the years as a photographic company that is not just a franchise business; we are about capturing people’s stories and honouring their lives. It’s about expressing values and building self-esteem through creative, beautiful imagery. We make sure our customers celebrate who they are, what they have achieved and share that happiness with the people who matter. A Viva Life Photography session isn’t just a photo session, it’s an opportunity to tell a story and be photographed for exactly who you are. Experiences are memorable and uplifting, and great photographs will help customers remember them for a lifetime.

That’s what we offer at all our Viva Franchisees, and that’s what makes these franchise opportunities in Western Australia so promising. As an established brand, we ensure our quality and style is the same in all our franchises. By hiring only highly skilled, creative, professional photographers and using the latest equipment, with proven systems and stylish studios, we are confident we can continue our success well into the future. We have a proven track record and a winning formula for success that has served us well for over 25 years and will serve you too.