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Becoming a Franchisee

People We Seek

As already stated, you are the key ingredient to the success of a VIVA Life Photography Franchise. It is difficult to typecast a -model- Franchisee for our system; however there are some important characteristics that you absolutely must have or are prepared to commit to developing.

Nothing happens or is achieved without hard work. Be sure that you are prepared for it. Being in your own business is in no way similar to having a job. You must have a genuine desire to work for yourself and be able to run your own business with our help. Often it will mean working extra hours and missing out on the occasional social activity – however dont lose sight of your long-term objectives: Quality and Excellence in Workmanship. Be prepared to work more than 50 hours a week to get your business established.

This is probably the best example of the philosophy in franchising. Everyone must be prepared to give to get. The best system in the world will never optimise market opportunities unless everyone recognises the commonality that exists in objectives and contributes to the well being of each other and the whole.

Our system works. Yes, it will be continually developed further, however initially it is of paramount importance that you have the ability and willingness to be trained and then apply your training. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. One thing is certain if you dont apply the system; your chance of success will decrease dramatically and we do not want this to happen.

This is a people business. You cannot afford to be shy and timid, you will need to be bright and cheerful all of the time and learn to enjoy the client relationships that will be a part of your business. Some of your clients will become special to you and your family and it is therefore important that you invest in those relationships to encourage referrals etc.

We do not look for sales people but it is vital to understand that we are a service/sales business. Our clients deserve the best in customer service and this will involve your understanding of some sales and public relations techniques. Again what we refer to as a client service mindset.


  1. Receive Information Pack
  2. Complete Franchise Application & Disclosure Form and Franchisee Profile Questionnaire
  3.  Attend First Interview
  4. Receive Guided Studio Tour
  5. Receive Franchisor Documentation
  6. Attend Second Interview
  7. Execute Conditional Purchase Agreement (CPA)
  8. Pay First Deposit
  9. Investigation of Franchise System
  10. Finance Application
  11. Financial Study – Accountant
  12. Franchise Agreement & Property Leases – Lawyer
  13. Inspect Plant & Equipment
  14. Lift Conditions on CPA – Unconditional
  15. Pay Second Deposit
  16. Settlement
  17. Execute Property Lease
  18. Submit – Final Year One Cash flows
  19. Franchisee Training Begins
  20. Complete Credit Applications – Suppliers
  21. Order Opening Stock
  22. Studio Launch & Grand Opening Questions