Every photo shoot is different. That’s because every person and pet is different. Just like our photographers are passionate about getting to know you so they can capture your personalities in your photo shoot, our designers are passionate about helping you select the perfect wall art pieces and keepsakes for your home. So how do you get the most out of your viewing with one of our design consultants after your photo shoot? Here are our top tips for helping you create the perfect wall art for your home.

Get Comfortable

Sit back, relax and get comfortable! Our team will put together your own personal slideshow to showcase the images from your photo shoot. The best part is – you don’t have to wait! The viewing takes place right after the shoot so make sure you  are able to take your time to select your new beautiful wall art. If you can we recommend organising a family member or friend to look after the kids while you’re selecting, or bring along some activities to keep them entertained.

Know Your Space

Think about the colour scheme along with the look and feel of your home to help you visualise what your ideal wall art  looks like. What location in your house would make you the happiest to see your beautiful wall art? Our founder Vittorio Natoli has a photograph of his family on his office wall that makes him smile every single time he looks at it. Our designers want to create that same experience for you. Describe the look you would love and take a couple of pictures of the room and living space to show our design consultant. Once your designer has showcased all of the beautiful images from your photo shoot they will be able to work with you to create custom designed pieces based off your ideas.

Our designers are passionate about helping you select the perfect wall art pieces and keepsakes for your home

Measure Up! 

This is an important one! Measure the wall you visualise your art along as well as taking some snaps of the room. We want to make sure that your new wall art fits and looks amazing in the space. Renting? No problem! Our team can work with you to create versatile lightweight wall art that can work with your current space, and can be easily transported if you do happen to move. Renovating or building? Bring along the plans so we can create the perfect wall art ready for your new or improved home once it’s completed.

Ask Questions

Your design consultant is here to help! A timeless wall art piece is an investment. They will be able to answer any questions you might have to make sure that you get the perfect piece for your home. They will also be able to help you select a payment option or plan that is right for you.