Ingrid was inspired to come into our studio for a glamour shoot after going through a breakup from a long-term relationship. She wanted to capture some sultry classic glamour photos as well as some bright and colourful photos that she could use for her lifestyle blog. She had been blogging for a year before she came in for her shoot, and despite her blog not being active for a while, she had recently found new motivation was very excited to be back in front of the computer sharing fresh content and doing what she loves.

“I recently went to Viva Photography Fremantle for a glamour shoot and I can’t recommend this place highly enough!”

Having discussed her ideas for the shoot and Viva experience over the phone with her photographer, Ingrid came in fully prepared for the shoot she wanted. She brought a gorgeous flower crown with her to capture some nature inspired nude images which she hoped would help her feel good about herself after her breakup. During the shoot, she wanted to re-discover herself and put her recent personal progress into practice.

“He was an excellent photographer who was very open to my ideas for the shoot, creative and easy to work with. I had a really fun and creative photo shoot.”

Ingrid’s experience helped her to love herself and feel confident in herself. She created some gorgeous photos to use in her lifestyle blog and also has some beautiful photos of herself to keep her feeling confident and continuously remind her of her self-worth.