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An Interview with Katie Holliday – Viva Photographer of the Quarter

Thursday, 2 August 2018
An Interview with Katie Holliday – Viva Photographer of the Quarter

Our recent awards saw the talented Katie Holliday from our Moonee Ponds studio win photographer of the quarter. She even received a rare gold award, the highest accolade you can receive, for one of her gorgeous photographs. We sat down with Katie to discuss her work and the story behind her gold winning image.

What inspired your work this quarter?

My clients are always my biggest inspiration, I was lucky enough to photograph a lot of amazing people with great stories to tell so I was able to get really creative.

Which was your favourite image that you created?

All of them! But if I had to pick one it would probably be the family image. Not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but because the family were so friendly and a pleasure to work with too.



What do you love most about being a Viva studio photographer?

Every day is different and everybody values different things in their lives, which means I get to shoot such a variety. One day I could be photographing a new family celebrating the birth of their first child, the next day I could be photographing a family of lizards! I love the diversity.



Can you describe the story & what was special about the photo session behind your gold winning image for us?

Alexandra and Chris were a really unique couple. Their chemistry was amazing, and they wanted to capture both sides of their relationship; the cheeky, cute, fun side and their dark, moody, sexy side. That image was a favourite for them too, as it really combined all of their chemistry into one photo.



What can couples expect when they come in for a Viva photo session?

It’s easier than you think! The best thing to do is just be yourself and don’t hold back. Your photographer will talk to you prior to the session to get to know you, so it helps to open up to us. That way we can help create something truly meaningful that tells your story. We will discuss ideas in detail, that way when you come for the shoot you’ll know exactly what to expect. The shoot itself is easy! The photographer will guide you through the experience and help you feel at ease, so you are able to fully focus on your partner with no other distractions. Its a perfect opportunity to reconnect with each other and show how much you care about each other. And who doesn’t love cuddling their partner for an hour?!


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