Wedding photography that perfectly captures your dream day

Get the Viva specialists to capture the classic elegance of your day with award-winning bridal photography

Viva photography is a reputable national brand associated with award-winning wedding photographers. We offer photography services that will efficiently capture your vision for your wedding day, ensuring every detail of your radiance and happiness shines through each beautifully captured image. 

Through many years of professional wedding photography for many couples and families in Western Australia & Victoria, we have been privy to the walk many couples take from their engagement to their wedding days. We have created special relationships with our clients; the Viva portfolio of Perth and Melbourne weddings is synonymous with classic, and elegance all brides want to see on their wedding day.
Walk down the aisle filled with nothing but love for what is to come, and we will take care of documenting your happiness. It is our privilege to ensure you can look back on your special day and easily recapture those feelings, of what is bound to be, many special moments. 
Look no further than Viva Photography for professional wedding photography. We are here to assist you with all aspects surrounding your wedding day images. In fact, we can document your engagement and wedding day and create a stunning array of high-quality images that vibrantly capture your sheer love and adoration for one another from the moment you say, “yes,” right up to the day you say,” I do.”
Chat to us about what you envision for your wedding day and we will work alongside you to make your vision a reality. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than capturing and producing perfect wedding day images that families can enjoy for decades to come.

Contact Viva Photography today. We have several studios located across Victoria and Western Australia , and our photographers are on hand to meet all your wedding photography requirements.