A family is the most precious gift we will ever be given. Family is everything we value and the only thing that really matters. Each family is so special. It is made of young and old, unique individuals, that share memories, experiences and history. Some have young children, some have teenagers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and all have love.

Your family is your future, your past and your precious gift today. Get the family together for a special experience that will capture the essence of your unique family and preserve your memories for many years to come. It is important to remember your family and your personal journey in a way that can be treasured forever. Sibling relationships can also be captured and become powerful and very valuable as we age. Your Viva family images will be timeless, powerful and beautiful and will stand the test of time as an heirloom for generations to enjoy. 

"The atmosphere was great, the staff were very professional and made the experience very memorable. We really wanted to catch the energy of our love between each other as a family, and they managed to capture this. They are great photos and we love them. A moment in time, captured to look at and remember for a lifetime." Sonya.

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